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LinuxT Training Course for LPIT Certification -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Try our courses FREE! For discount pricing information, email us here! SmartCertify Direct, a division of SkillSoft, offers you the fastest and easiest Linux training to earn your Linux Professional Institute Certification (LPIC). SmartCertify Direct's Linux training course for LPIC provides a complete multimedia training solution to get you certified GUARANTEED! Money-back Certification Guarantee* Gain Valuable Skills, Knowledge and Expertise Telephone/Email Access to IT Courseware Specialists Self-paced Course Manuals Written by Experts Digital Video Lessons Hundreds of Practice Test Questions Self-paced Study Format LINUX TRAINING MEANS SUCCESS! The Linux operating system has rapidly gained widespread acceptance in the IT industry for providing incredible performance at a low price. As the popularity of Linux servers rises, so does the need for IT professionals certified to work on these servers. Along with Linux certification training comes increased job opportunities and financial rewards. According to the 2000 salary survey from Earthweb, professionals who administer Linux servers make an average of $82,500 per year! COMPLETE MULTIMEDIA TRAINING! The Linux course for LPIC includes three course manuals containing the complete core Linux content, an interactive CD-ROM containing two hours of digital video, and over 150 practice questions. The course also includes a focused study guide to fully prepare you for the LPIC Level 1 exams. LINUX CURRICULUM LPIC Level 1: Exam 101 GNU and UNIX Commands Work effectively on the UNIX command line Process text streams using text-processing filters Perform basic file management Use UNIX streams, pipes, and redirects Create monitor and kill processes Modify process execution priorities Perform searches of text files making use of regular expressions Devices, Linux, File Systems, and the File System Hierarchy Standard Create partitions and file systems Maintain the integrity of file systems Control file system mounting and unmounting Set and view disk quota Use file permissions to control access to files Manage file ownership Create and change hard and symbolic links Find system files and place files in the correct location Documentation Use and manage local system documentation Find Linux documentation on the Internet Write system documentation Provide user support Boot, Initialization, and Shutdown, Runlevels Boot the system Change runlevels and shut down or reboot system Administrative Tasks Manage users and group accounts and related system files Tune the user environment and system environment variables Configure and use system log files to meet administrative and security needs Automate system administration tasks by scheduling jobs to run in the future Maintain an effective data backup strategy LPIC Level 1: Exam 102 Hardware and Architecture Configure fundamental system hardware Set up SCSI and NIC devices Configure modem and sound cards Linux Installation and Package Management Design hard disk layout Install a boot manager Make and install programs from source Manage shared libraries Use Debian package management Use Red Hat® Package Manager (RPM) Kernel Manage kernel modules at run time Reconfigure, build, and install a custom kernel and modules Networking Services Configure and manage inetd and related services Operate and perform basic configuration and sendmail Operate and perform basic configuration of Apache Properly manage the NFS, smb, and nmb daemons Set up and configure basic DNS services Shells, Scripting, Programming, and Compiling Customize and use the shell environment Customize or write simple scripts Networking Fundamentals Fundamentals of TCP/IP TCP/IP troubleshooting and configuration Configure and use PPP Security Perform security admin tasks Set up host security Set up user-level security X Window System Install and configure XFree86 Set up XDM dentify and terminate runaway X applications Install and customize a window manager environment Text Editing, Processing, and Printing Perform basic file editing operations using vi Manage printers and print queues Print files Install and configure local and remote printers Includes copies of the most common Linux software: Red Hat® Linux Caldera Linux TurboLinux® SuSE Linux Debian Software Slackware Software RECOMMENDED SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Pentium Processor Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT 4.0 with a minimum or service Pack 3, or Windows 2000 32 MB or RAM 50 MB of free hard disk space 256-color display monitor or higher 4X speed or greater CD Drive Sound Card and Speakers 800 MB minimum free hard disk space for Linux installation Try our courses FREE! linux certification training

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