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java database connectivity

Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) JDBC API allows access to almost any tabular data source from the Java programming language. It provides cross-DBMS connectivity to a wide range of SQL databases, including SQLJ. With the new JDBC API, access to other tabular data sources, such as spreadsheets or flat files is also available. An Introduction to JDBC, Part 3 ( In part three of this four-part excerpt on JDBC from Java Enterprise in a Nutshell, learn about error handling, prepared statements, BLOBs and CLOBs. An Introduction to JDBC, Part 2 ( Part Two of this excerpt from Java Enterprise in a Nutshell focuses on database connection, statements and results. An Introduction to JDBC, Part 1 ( In this excerpt from Chapter 2 of Java Enterprise in a Nutshell, the authors introduce the JDBC architecture. Java API Map ( Java API map of all the significant Java API on all development platforms: Java 2SE, Java 2EE, and Java 2ME. Also includes P2P Java (i.e., Jini) as well interoperability with CORBA and COM. DDL Statements and Transactions ( Learn how to add SQLJ statements to Java programs that use the embedded SQL Data Definition Language. JDO vs. Entity Beans: A Modest Proposal ( The Java Data Objects (JDO) approach can replace performance-poor Entity Beans in many cases. But JDO is not enough; here's a proposal for improving Entity Beans without sacrificing their server-side power. Database Access Using Lightweight Applets ( Using lightweight applet technology, you can bring the full weight of Java's GUI capability and the advantages of client-side dynamic database access to your Web applications. Because the technology employs HTTP to communicate with a database via SqlServlet, lightweight applets perform well, yet remain small enough to have acceptable download times. Java Programming with Oracle JDBC: Performance ( When it comes to JDBC performance issues, there are two major factors to consider: performance of the database structure and the SQL statements used against it and relative efficiency of the different ways you can use the JDBC interfaces to manipulate a database. This article explores these. Dynamic Database Access from Client-Side JavaScript ( Imagine the advantages of being able to dynamically access a database from client-side JavaScript. You could dynamically query a database from JavaScript for client-side field validation, or dynamically populate a drop-down select list, to name just a few possibilities. In fact, you can do this with the help of an applet-servlet pair. This article describes the applet-servlet pair architecture and offers several sample applications. Introducing Automatic Data Expiration ( How you choose to expire data can make the difference between an application that scales to enterprise quality and one that doesn't. In the first of this three-part series, William Grosso covers the fundamentals of data expiration, and presenting solutions of increasing functionality. Top Ten Oracle JDBC Tips ( Java Programming with Oracle JDBC author Don Bales offers his top ten tips for squeezing performance from the Oracle JDBC. Tuning JDBC: Measuring JDBC performance ( Many Java apps are dependent on Java Database Connectivity, but how do you measure JDBC's performance, and which subsystems need optimizing? Setting Up Your Environment to Develop SQLJ Programs ( Jason Price describes how to set up your environment to develop SQLJ applications, and he demonstrates a "Hello World" program that uses SQLJ to access a database. Getting Up To Date with JDBC API ( Object Computing's Jeff Brown covers the JDBC 3.0 specification in its proposed final draft form, which promises to add more robust transactions by way of savepoints, a number of resource pooling enhancements, retrieval of auto-generated keys and a lot more. java database connectivity

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