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Our group of accredited schools, colleges and universities (grouped collectively as The Chubb Institute and Banner Institute) offer online degrees, programs and other distance education courses in the following disciplines:

DreamWeaver Classes

Print Prepress, Graphic Arts, and Imaging Training Web Web Publishing and eCommerce Training Video Digital Video and Multimedia Training eLearning Blended Learning Content Subscriptions Certification Tracks Industry and Vendor Certification Training FAQs Frequently Asked Questions on Our Company Onsite/Custom Onsite and Custom Training Projects Speaker's Bureau Technical Speakers and Presentations Home > Course Catalog Training for Web Publishing and eBusiness Development Click to link to a class outline or syllabus Adobe Acrobat The best way to share documents online. 2-day class. Adobe Acrobat Capture Convert paper documents to searchable digital files accessible on the web. 1-day class Adobe Acrobat Section 508 Accessibility Create Section 508 compliant PDF files. Optional 3rd day added to Adobe Acrobat. Adobe Acrobat eForms Create easy to use, visually dynamic , interactive PDF forms. Optional 3rd day added to Adobe Acrobat. Adobe Acrobat eForms Developer Training For programmers and developers. Includes database integration. 1-day class Adobe FrameMaker Create, manage, and publish long documents. 3-day class. Adobe FrameMaker for Structured Documents Create, edit, and publish complex documents in SGML. 2-day class. Adobe GoLive Professional web authoring and site management. 2-day class. Adobe Illustrator Industry standard vector graphics creation software for print and the web. 2-day class. Adobe Illustrator - Advanced Enhance layouts and illustrations with sophisticated techniques. 2-day class. Adobe LiveMotion Create interactive graphics and animations. 2-day class. Adobe Photoshop Next generation image editing. 2-day class. Adobe Photoshop - Advanced Next generation image editing. 2-day class. Adobe Photoshop/ImageReady for Internet Web techniques and features. Optional 3rd day added to Adobe Photoshop. Apple FileMaker Pro Powerful, yet easy to use database for Macintosh and Windows. 2-day class Apple QuickTime Covers Quicktime from digital video and audio to animated sprite and text tracks Apple QuickTime VR This 3-day course takes you through the entire range of QTVR development Cardiff AudienceOne eDocument Assembly Personalize and custom assemble PDF files Cardiff LiquidOffice Web Desktop and eForms Design Build and publish LiquidOffice PDF forms John Lenker Designing Web Experiences Web design concepts and techniques. 2-day class John Lenker Formulating Effective Web Strategy Learn what you should do with your website and why. 2-day class. Macromedia Authorware Produce rich-media training content. 3-day class. Macromedia Authorware - Advanced Develop and extend sophisticated learning applications Macromedia Director Develop interactive and powerful multimedia. 3-day class. Macromedia Dreamweaver Fast Track to Dreamweaver Web site and HTML page production. 2-day class. Macromedia Dreamweaver - Advanced Advanced Dreamweaver Techniques Work faster and more efficiently. Optional 1 day class added to Fast Track to Dreamweaver Macromedia Dreamweaver CourseBuilder Build web-based training materials. Optional 1-day class added to Dreamweaver Macromedia Dreamweaver UltraDev w/UltraCart Fast Track to Dreamweaver UltraDev Build e-commerce and database driven websites. 3-day class Macromedia Fast Track to HTML Ceate, test, and deploy a Web site using HomeSite 2 day class Macromedia Fireworks Design and optimize Web graphics. 2-day class. Macromedia Flash - Advanced - ActionScript Advanced Macromedia Flash ActionScript 3-day class. Macromedia Flash - Fast Track Fast Track to Macromedia Flash Create animated, vector-based Web content. 2-day class. Macromedia FreeHand Create vector-based illustrations for Flash and for print. 2-day class. Macromedia Generator Build database driven sites using Flash animation. 2-day class. Quadralay Web Works Publisher Comprehensive toolset for converting FrameMaker documents for electronic publishing. 2-day class. Red Hat Linux Fundamentals Overview of the Linux OS. 2-day class. Red Hat Linux Server Systems Manage Linux systems 3-day class Seminar - Digital Camera Secrets understand and operate the essential features of today's modern consumer-level digital cameras Seminar - MySQL, Perl, PHP and Apache - Introduction Develop database-driven web applications. $99 SoftQuad XMetal Core Competencies Working with structured data and documents. 3-day class. CDIA Prep Certified Document Imaging Architect preparation class. HTML Foundations Creating web documents in HTML. 2-day class. Java - Advanced Server Side Java Servlet , JSP and EJB techniques. 4-day class. Java - CORBA Programming in Java This two day course provides students with an in-depth overview of how to create CORBA applications using Java. Java - Foundations of Server Side Java This five day class introduces the Java language from a server side perspective. Java for Beginning Programmers This five day class introduces programming with the Java language from a beginner level. JavaScript - Advanced Advanced integration techniques. 2-day class. JavaScript Fundamentals Create dynamic websites. 2-day class. XML Fundamentals practical use of XML, schemas and the Document Object Model Refer this page to a friend Enter to win a free class DreamWeaver Classes

The Chubb Institute and Banner Institute (The Chubb Institute and Banner Institute) is fully accredited. When reviewing our offerings, please remember that we are here to serve you, the student. Without you, we could not operate successfully.

Want to start an online program but don't know where to look? Look no further- this is the place to find a variety of online degree programs. From online MBA, to Information Technology, to online nursing degree programs, we've compiled a list of online colleges and universities for you.

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We also have extensive campus systems for a more traditional school environment. With easy access to all major forms of transportation, as well as free onsite parking, we can make your educational experience something you will treasure.

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A full array of Master's degrees awaits you as well in DreamWeaver Classes, including a number of discount programs. Make sure you fill out the simple form as well, to ensure you take advantage of the special membership offerings that are included as part of the use of this site. Programs offered through The Chubb Institute and Banner Institute, Keller School, ITT Technical Institute, Chubb Institute and other fine colleges and universities across the United States and Canada.

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