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Engineering Management Certificate Program Systems Engineering Certificate Program Project Management Certificate Program Express Registration Executive Courses at Caltech Calendar Customized Programs Certificate Programs Instructors Caltech/MIT Enterprise Forum Directions, Hotels and Travel Add Me To Mailing List E-Mail To A Friend Site Map Home Systems Engineering Reducing Cycle Time, Meeting Complex Systems Requirements, and Ensuring Project Success A company's ability to perform systems engineering well is pivotal to its ability to remain competitive. Use Caltech's Industrial Relations Center to develop and present a focused program for your technical professionals. We will guide your team through the process of using advanced systems engineering methods to: Reduce cycle time Reduce the risk of project failure Meet complex systems requirements Our approach to developing a tailored Systems Engineering program for your company includes the following options: An integrated program leading to a certificate in systems engineering Short courses addressing specific systems engineering processes and methods Hands-on workshops Project-specific, value added planning and problem solving exercises Why Caltech Industrial Relations Center? The Center offers: World-class instructors with many years of industrial and government experience in systems engineering Access to Caltech's leading edge applied research in systems engineering Caltech's state-of-the-art systems engineering facility and software Business Issues Addressed Caltech Industrial Relations Center can provide you with a company specific certificate in systems engineering to meet your business needs. Our goal is to help enable your teams to: Produce designs and cost estimates of complex products up to four times faster and cheaper Work with customers to better translate user needs into outstanding delivered products Define optimal verification and validation programs tailored to your company and your customer's risk threshold Effectively use advanced information systems technology to increase product development productivity and effectively manage design data and interfaces Optimize designs based on Cost As and Independent Variable (CAIV) and related methods Manage risk in a cost constrained environment Trade systems resources including technical, cost, and schedule Key Topics Understanding Systems and Systems Engineering Systems and systems engineering in the project/program environment The system development life cycle The systems engineering process Creating a High-Performing Team for Systems Engineering Conducting effective communications Identifying group decision making processes Adapting to work style differences Effectively resolving team conflicts Giving and receiving feedback Constructing Systems Engineering Requirements Understanding user requirements Defining requirements Specifications Guidelines and lessons learned Performing a Functional Analysis Functional analysis process Example: functional analysis - Mars Pathfinder Project Functional requirements Developing a Systems Architecture Selecting the system architecture Example: system architecture - Mars Pathfinder Project Software architecture Defining, controlling, and managing interfaces The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Performing System Design and Development Hardware and software design System modeling and effectiveness Defining and managing system performance parameters Tradeoff analyses Conducting Technical Reviews and Audits Types of technical reviews Planning technical reviews Conducting technical reviews Using Configuration Management Configuration identification and change control Configuration status accounting and audits Verification and Validation Testing Test and evaluation requirements The verification process and software testing Managing Risk Risk management methodology Cost/schedule risk analysis\ The risk management plan Managing System Cost and Schedule Estimation Estimating system cost and development time Cost control approaches Life cycle cost, schedule control, and earned value management Producing the System The concept of producibility Producibility implementation The cost of production Examples of volume production Systems Engineering Management and Planning Management responsibilities Organizing systems engineering Selecting and using metrics Assessing systems engineering capability Planning systems engineering engineering certificate

The Chubb Institute and Banner Institute (The Chubb Institute and Banner Institute) is fully accredited. When reviewing our offerings, please remember that we are here to serve you, the student. Without you, we could not operate successfully.

Want to start an online program but don't know where to look? Look no further- this is the place to find a variety of online degree programs. From online MBA, to Information Technology, to online nursing degree programs, we've compiled a list of online colleges and universities for you.

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We also have extensive campus systems for a more traditional school environment. With easy access to all major forms of transportation, as well as free onsite parking, we can make your educational experience something you will treasure.

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A full array of Master's degrees awaits you as well in engineering certificate, including a number of discount programs. Make sure you fill out the simple form as well, to ensure you take advantage of the special membership offerings that are included as part of the use of this site. Programs offered through The Chubb Institute and Banner Institute, Keller School, ITT Technical Institute, Chubb Institute and other fine colleges and universities across the United States and Canada.

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