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Information Technology Web Development

WebDeveloper Articles Automating SQL Server Management with WMI (Part 2) Marcin Policht's latest article in the "SQL Server Management with WMI" series continues a discussion on using Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) for managing SQL Server and includes sample scripts for several SQL Server and database maintenance tasks. 11.26.02 Usable Shopping Carts Creating a usable e-commerce application is a daunting challenge. There is so much to do, from the initial concept, through to designing and coding the application. This leaves a lot of scope for things to go wrong. The Chapter 3 excerpt introduces you to the concept of making wireframes of web site projects, and how to create them. The rest of this chapter looks at creating UI specs and prototypes. From glasshaus. 11.26.02 Java Web Start Having established a reputation as a secure and robust environment Java has made a comeback into the client market with a new tool. Java Web Start is the desktop based web client that gives the flexibility of a desktop application and the robustness of a web application. 11.26.02 Declaring Web applications with AppML For years our XML expert has been educating us on how to best use XML for our data storage and transmission needs. Today he discusses one possible way to use XML when building your actual applications, as well. By Michael Classen. 11.26.02 More Search Engine Strategies SearchDay's series of special reports from the Search Engine Strategies conference is complete, but here is more conference coverage full of tips, techniques and tactics from the pros. 11.26.02 Multimedia - Mouse Rollover This script rolls over when you mouse over the link. It turns into a crosshair. 11.26.02 Zmei Calendar Provide a cool little popup calendar, (at the click of a button), for you website visitors. Button, arrow and text color all customizable, as is the text that appears on the button! 11.26.02 Abstracting Oracle Connectivity with PHP/OCI8 Dante Lorenso presents several functions designed to help run Oracle queries without the drudgery of repetition. Take these functions, roll them into a PHP class, and voila! ... easy PHP/OCI8! 11.25.02 Troubleshooting SQL Server Backup/Restore Problems Alexander Chigrik's new backup/restore troubleshooting checklist is the first resource you should consult when attempting to diagnose and solve SQL Server backup/restore-related issues. 11.25.02 Struts in Action - Part 3 In Part 2 we saw how to define attributes and properties in a single reusable bundle using Tiles Definitions. This week we learn about Setting up the Tiles framework, Testing the default configuration, Reviewing the pages, and Refactoring a page with . From Manning Publishing Co. 11.25.02 Book Excerpt: HTML & XHTML: The Definitive Guide, Pt. 3 We conclude our series of excerpts covering the basics of HTML frames. Among the topics in the final installment: inline frames and frame targets (or, "how to tell your links where to go"). From O'Reilly. 11.25.02 Games - Pick Three Numbers This is a great looking script to pick your 3 digit lottery numbers. Script is inside the table with gif as background image. 11.25.02 Determining Element Page Coordinates, Pt 4 Just when you thought it was safe to find element coordinates in Internet Explorer... DHTML expert Peter Belesis returns, this time squashing positioning problems with objects located inside absolutely and relatively positioned content. 11.22.02 New Articles on E-Commerce Goes on a Roll Government's 3Q figures show online sales up 34% from a year ago; another estimate shows $1.5 billion spent in the week ending Nov. 17. Usage Flat Among Financial Pros Go figure - the Internet plays a large role in the daily activities of financial service professionals, but usage remains about the same as last year. Facing Exploding Server Growth, One IT Shop Turns To Virtual Servers With virtual PC software, this IT shop axed more than a thousand desktop PCs -- and saved millions of dollars. Now it's looking to do the same thing with its server farm. WDVL's Perls of Wisdom The Beginner's Page The Intermediate Page WooDViLle Times The Perl You Need to Know A 24-part tutorial series on using Perl in web development scenarios. Everything you need to get started, from explanations of the Internet, the World Wide Web, HTML, and more, to a catalog of Web based tutorials. For those of you who have mastered the basics and are looking to take the next step, this page will introduce you to CGI, CSS, Web Programming and more. A Holy Reality November 26, 2002 -- RealNetworks issues a patch for potentially serious security flaws in its flagship RealOne media player. ...more news Our Top articles: Software Reviews PHP Resources Authoring JavaScript Cascading Style Sheets HTML - The HyperText Markup Language How To Build a Web Site with Free Stuff Intro to XML For Web Developers Introduction to Web Design Introduction to Databases for the Web Introduction to HTML Introducing Java: Your First Applet JavaScript Tutorial for Programmers Introduction to XHTML, with eXamples META Tagging for Search Engines Build a Web Site with Free Stuff Build Traffic Through Good Site Design How to Use the Favorites Icon (favicon) The 6x6x6 Browser-safe Color Cube Information Technology Web Development

The Chubb Institute and Banner Institute (The Chubb Institute and Banner Institute) is fully accredited. When reviewing our offerings, please remember that we are here to serve you, the student. Without you, we could not operate successfully.

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A full array of Master's degrees awaits you as well in Information Technology Web Development, including a number of discount programs. Make sure you fill out the simple form as well, to ensure you take advantage of the special membership offerings that are included as part of the use of this site. Programs offered through The Chubb Institute and Banner Institute, Keller School, ITT Technical Institute, Chubb Institute and other fine colleges and universities across the United States and Canada.

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