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Description Audience & Prerequisites Delivery Method, Pricing & Length Dates Available Included Materials Optional Upgrades Labs Outline Cisco Catalyst 6500 Product Training Description The Cisco® Catalyst 6500 product training course provides comprehensive training that gives students the knowledge and skills to design, install, and maintain networks that include the Cisco 6500 family of switches. Upon completion of this course, students will know how to deploy Cisco Catalyst 6500 switches to create high-performance, multilayer switching solutions for Enterprise and Service Provider networks that enable an Internet/intranet for multicast, mission-critical, and voice applications without sacrificing network performance. Course Overview The key topics covered in this class include: Catalyst 6500 Switch Hardware and Physical Connectivity Port Configuration Designing Spanning Trees, VLANs, Trunking, and VTP Routing (Including RIP and IGRP, OSPF and EIGRP, Routing Between VLANs, and Multilayer Switching) Policy Feature Card (PFC) and Multicasting Filtering (Including Access Lists, Layer 3 Filtering, IP Permit Lists, VACLs, and Queuing) Quality of Service (QoS) Audience This course is designed for network administrators with primary responsibility for managing the Cisco switches residing in the network environment, as well as other technical support staff responsible for designing, installing, and/or maintaining a Cisco network that includes the Cisco 6500 family of switches. Prerequisites It is highly recommended that students successfully complete the CCNA certification preparation course (ICND) before taking this course. Delivery Method & Pricing This course is offered through KnowledgeNet's Live and Express e-learning solutions. Click here for pricing. Dates Available Click here for current dates Length Cisco Catalyst 6500 Switch Product Training Live course consists of six sessions, each of which lasts for three hours. The course runs Monday and Wednesday afternoons, from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. PST. Cisco Catalyst 6500 Switch Product Training Express course consists of several modules that can be viewed anytime 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week. Included Materials Cisco Catalyst 6500 Switch Training Manual. Introduction to IP Subnetting, a one-hour Express course that details subnetting, binary numbering, and IP Addressing. Unlimited 24 x 7 access to KnowledgeNet Campus for the entire six-week program. (All KnowledgeNet courses are launched from this personalized Web site that organizes and manages your training experience.) With Campus, you'll receive six weeks of: Unlimited access to KnowledgeNet LabWare. For more information on our realistic hands-on labs, please visit KnowledgeNet LabWare. Access to a variety of training resources, including career information, certification information, and pre-tests and post-tests. Access to ClassNotes, for additional course information and links to valuable resources. Optional Upgrades KnowledgeNet Mentor: $295 KnowledgeNet LabWare Configuring Distribution Switch Port Security Spanning Tree Creating and Naming VLANs I Creating and Naming VLANs II Creating and Naming VLANs III Activating and Limiting Trunking RIP Routing RSM Configuration for Routing Protocols Configuring MLS on Router and Switch I Configuring MLS on Router and Switch II HSRP Using Multiple Routers Multicasting Using IGMP Snooping Standard Access Lists Limiting VTY Access Layer 3 Filtering and IP Permit Lists VACLs Outline A) Identify Catalyst 6500 Hardware Components 1) Describe the modules available for the Catalyst 6500 and?the services they provide, including: Layer 3 switching, Quality of Service, security, web load balancing, and Voice over IP support. 2) Describe the architecture of the Catalyst 6500, including ASICs, and their interaction with the SFM, and Supervisor Engine. 3) Distinguish between the Native Mode and the Hybrid Mode operation of a Catalyst 6500. B) Configure Layer 2 Services 1) Review switch functionality. 2) Describe the initial setup procedures for a Catalyst 6500, including Ethernet port configuration. 3) Optimize connections between Catalyst 6500 Series switches using the 6500's enhanced version of EtherChannel. 4) Design redundancy into the network, while preventing bridging loops with the Spanning Tree Protocol. 5) Minimize convergence time for the Spanning Tree Protocol with PortFast, UplinkFast, and BackboneFast. 6) Design a VLAN topology, and optimize the design with VTP and trunking techniques. C) Configure Layer 3 Services 1) Access and configure the Multilayer Switch Feature Card (MSFC). 2) Configure Layer 3 redundancy with HSRP (Hot Standby Router Protocol) and SRM (Single Router Mode). 3) Optimize MLS (MultiLayer Switching). D) Configure WAN Services 1) Describe the FlexWAN module and its supported port adapters. 2) Configure the FlexWAN module. 3) Review ATM concepts. 4) Describe ATM LANE and ATM MPOA. 5) Discuss the Catalyst 6500's ATM LANE/MPOA module. E) Configure Voice Services 1) Describe how to provide power to an IP phone. 2) Demonstrate how to configure inline power. 3) Create auxiliary VLANs to keep voice and data traffic separate. 4) Describe how to connect analog phones to the Catalyst 6500 via an FXS module. 5) Describe how to connect digital circuits to the Catalyst 6500 via a T1/E1 module. 6) Gather information from the Catalyst 6500's voice modules for use in CallManager configuration. 7) Enable voice ports. F) Configure Security Services 1) Configure Layer 3 Protocol Filtering. 2) Describe VLAN Access Control Lists (VACLs). 3) Demonstrate the uses of VACLs. 4) Configure VACLs. 5) Configure the Intrusion Detection System (IDS) module using VACLs. G) Configure Quality of Service 1) Define the need for Quality of Service. 2) Describe how traffic can be marked at Layer 2. 3) Describe how traffic can be marked at Layer 3. 4) Describe how to convert Layer 2 markings to Layer 3 markings. 5) Configure congestion management tools, including: CB-WFQ and LLQ. 6) Configure RSVP. 7) Configure Weighted Random Early Detection (WRED). 8) Configure Policing at Layer 2, via QoS ACLs, and at Layer 3 via Committed Access Rate (CAR). ******************************************************************************************************* cisco product training

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