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information technology certification course

Training Computing Services and Systems Development (CSSD) offers technology training to the entire University of Pittsburgh community. CSSD offers several forums and topics to best meet the needs and schedules of the University community. QuickStart Classes "QuickStart" classes are FREE non-credit computer workshops offered each term. These workshops range in length from 1 to 3 hours and are offered on weekdays. Graphics Web Development Microsoft Office 2002 To inquire about classes NOT currently listed on our web page, please contact the Technology Help Desk at 412 624-HELP [4357]. Registrants should note that: Class descriptions and schedules are subject to change or cancellation without notice. Students must have an active University computer account to participate in any QuickStart class. Due to limited seating in the training facilities, Registration is Required for all QuickStart classes. Class instructors reserve the right to ensure that all students have registered before permitting them to participate in a course. If you must cancel your registration for a class, please call two (2) business days prior to the scheduled class to remove your name from the roster. This will allow students who are on the wait list to register for that class. If you miss more than two (2) classes within the same term without calling in advance to cancel your registration, your eligibility for other classes in that term may be revoked. Certification Preparation Certification preparation classes are non-credit classes offered each term and available to students at no charge. These classes are 3 hours in length and are offered once a week over a 10-13 week period. These classes prepare students for certification in a specific technology industry. Due to limited seating, you must apply to the specific certification classes that you are interested in. Click on the certification you are interested in to view the course layout and apply for the course you are interested in. Classes begin the week of September 9, 2002. If you are interested in applying for this or other courses, use our online form. The deadline for receiving applications is September 1, 2002. ASEC Java Training Program Certification Preparation Information: Certification Preparation classes can be changed or cancelled without notice. Students must currently be registered for University classes in the same term they schedule the Certification Preparation classes. Due to limited seating, students must apply and be selected for participation in the Certification Preparation class. Selection criteria are based on anticipated graduation date, current course load, and Q.P.A. Students may enroll in one (1) Certification Preparation class per term. Every effort will be made to place students in the section of the particular class they apply for, but this cannot be guaranteed. Certification Procedures: After submitting the online form, students will receive notification that their application has been received. Within two (2) weeks after the close of the application period, students will receive notification indicating whether they have been accepted into the class for which they applied . Students will be asked to send a verification in response. If a response is not received, the application will be voided from consideration. After CSSD receives the students' acceptance, each student will receive a final notice with information on class schedule and location. When all seats have been filled and confirmed, any remaining applicants will be notified that selections have been completed, and they will need to reapply during the next term. Certification Criteria: Acceptance into the Technology Certification classes is dependent on the following: Date of application Year of graduation QPA ETD (Electronic Theses and Dissertation) Classes Hands-on classes, on-line documents and downloads are available for students, faculty and staff participating in the ETD pilot project. Workshops are one and a half hours in length and are offered on weekdays. Registration is Required! You must have a participation form completed and turned in to your graduate school in order to sign up for these workshops. For more information regarding the ETD pilot project, visit the ETD web site. Click on one of the choices below for Fall 2001 ETD class schedules, then click the link for our Online Registration. Students Faculty Staff Web Based Training Web-Based Training is an online training source for University of Pittsburgh students. If scheduling does not permit you to take a formal class, you can study one of the many online classes through our Web-Based Training system. Pick from several technology topics and work through the course at your own pace. An active University computer account is necessary to sign up for these online classes. CourseWeb - Online Course Information CourseWeb provides students with online course materials for formal University courses. Additional Resources Additional Resources include other technology training resources information technology certification course

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