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java script training course

Java Training Online Java Certification Online Courses A+ Certification Network+ Certification Java Certification 310-025 MCSE Training MOUS Training Windows 2000 Training Courses 70-210 Courses 70-215 Courses 70-216 Courses 70-217 Courses 70-218 Courses 70-219 Courses 70-220 Courses 70-221 Courses 70-224 Courses 70-229 Courses 70-270 Courses Microsoft Office Training Courses Office XP Access 2000 Excel 2000 Word 2000 Power Point Project Outlook 2000 Works Internet Explorer FrontPage Exchange Server Novell PhotoShop Crystal Reports Lotus Notes LINUX UNIX Webmaster Certification X.M.L. QuickBooks HTML Tutorial Flash MX Cisco CCNA Oracle 9i Training Visual Basic SQL Server Contact Us Business Opportunity Add URL This Java course is for anyone who wants to learn how to program using Java, and for experienced Java programmers who are preparing to take the Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform Examination 310-025. Java training that's Easy, Convenient and Affordable! High-quality, online, self-paced courses designed to help you achieve your goals. Affordable annual subscription plans give you unlimited access to an entire suite of courses topics at prices that you just won't find anywhere else. This is self-paced, internet-based Java course -- there are no books to purchase and no scheduled classes to attend. Writing Programs provides an introduction to using the programming language. Java Programming Basics provides an introduction to the basics of programming. Using Objects and Arrays explains how to create and manage arrays and objects. Creating Applets explains applets and how to set up and manage them. Graphics and User Events shows how to create graphics animations and user interfaces. Putting Your Skills to Work explains how to put together some of the features beyond the basics to create Web applets. Java and Object-Oriented Fundamentals provides an overview of the fundamentals of the language and object-oriented programming. Declarations, Flow Control, and Exception Handling shows users how to declare variables and methods and how to use statements to control the flow of programs and handle exceptions. Classes, Interfaces, Methods, and Garbage Collection shows users how to declare classes and interfaces, how to overload and override methods, and how Java's garbage-collection mechanism works. Threads explains how multithreading works and how it is supported. After completing our courses, the user should be able to: Explain the basic functions of applications and programs Write and compile programs Use variables and strings Use conditional tests Repeat actions using loops Store information in arrays Create and describe objects Create an inheritance hierarchy Create and use methods Use an applet on a Web page Manage applet threads Send and receive applet parameters Display fonts and colors in applets Add graphics to an applet Animate images in an applet Build a user interface Use classes that act as a die or a calculator Put together a sample game for a Web site Animate an image background Place images on the screen edges Identify correctly constructed package declarations, import statements, and method declarations Identify all Java Programming Language keywords and correctly constructed identifiers Describe the range of all primitive data types Declare literal values for String and all primitive types Determine the result of applying any operator to operands of any type, class, scope, or accessibility Describe the basic concepts and techniques of object-oriented programming Declare variables and methods making appropriate use of all permitted modifiers Describe the significance of all modifiers Identify correctly constructed variable and method declarations State the legal return types for any method Write code using if and switch statements Write code using all forms of loops Write code that makes proper use of exceptions and exception-handling clauses Declare classes and interfaces Identify correctly constructed class and interface declarations Identify correctly constructed implementations Write code to construct instances of any concrete class Write code to invoke overridden or overloaded methods State the behavior that is guaranteed by the garbage collection system Write code that explicitly makes objects eligible for collection Write code to define, instantiate, and start new threads Recognize conditions that might prevent a thread from executing Write code to protect against concurrent access problems and to communicate between threads Define the interaction between threads, and between threads and object locks This course has the following features: Certificates of Completion Instructional steps -- walk through a procedure Exercises -- try it out Notes - See additional information related to the topic in the text Tips - See a different, faster, or easier way of doing something Quick References - See a quick reference guide to the features introduced in a chapter Details - Display more detailed information related to the current topic Hotwords - See related information Navigation Bar - Maneuver easily through the courses Course Topics and Index -- with searching feature and hyper-links Printable Exercises - PDF downloadable files Sample Application Files - PDF downloadable files Course Glossary Skill Assessment - can be used for pre and post-testing -- tracking first try, best try and course grade - if passed, green check mark will appear as 'mastered' - hyperlinks to units within the course to go back and re-take a certain unit again. Use as pre-test to determine which course topics you want to focus on and to go directly into that unit. java script training course

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