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In Alaska, our group of accredited schools, colleges and universities offer online degrees, programs and other distance education courses in the following disciplines:

Allentown Business School - Business Programs

Since its founding in 1869, ABS Business programs have helped establish ABS as a leader in career-specific education in the Lehigh Valley. Build your career with sharp management, computer, marketing, accounting, travel or medical managerial skills in 18 months or less! Diploma Programs: Business Operations; Business and Computer Specialist ; Medical Office Management. Associate Degree Programs: Accounting; Management/Marketing; Travel and Tourism Management; Administrative Computer Specialist (Executive); Administrative Computer Specialist (Legal); Administrative and Clinical Specialist

We are fully accredited. When reviewing our offerings, please remember that we are here to serve you, the student. Without you, we could not operate successfully.

Want to start an online college degree program but don't know where to look? Look no further- this is the place to find a variety of online degree programs. From online MBA, to Information Technology, to online nursing degree programs, we've compiled a list of online colleges and universities for you.

Fairbanks, Alaska online colleges, online MBA degrees, distance education, online degree programs

We also have extensive campus systems for a more traditional school environment. With easy access to all major forms of transportation, as well as free onsite parking, we can make your educational experience something you will treasure.

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A full array of Master's degrees awaits you as well in Fairbanks, Alaska, including a number of AK discount programs. Make sure you fill out the simple form as well, to ensure you take advantage of the special membership offerings that are included as part of the use of this site. Sponsored by The Chubb Institute and Banner Institute, Keller School, University of Phoenix, The Chubb Institute and Banner Institute, ITT Technical Institute and other schools, colleges and universities of higher learning.

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